• Gede Lingga Ananta Kusuma Putra Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali
  • Ngurah Adhi Santosa Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali
Keywords: Ornament, Patra, Animation


Indonesia has a cultural diversity spread across each region and becomes the uniqueness and attractiveness of the area. One of Bali, which has a variety of
cultures, the ornament of Bali. Balinese ornaments have a variety of shapes and each has a function and has a look in each shape. One of them is PatraPunggel,
which has a distinctive basic shape and is processed for a wide variety of decorations. But today, modernization has resulted in the development of Balinese
ornamentation, especially in the field of architecture towards the minimalist modern and the lack of interest of the young generation to find out information about the tradition, it is felt will cause a negative impact on the Balinese ornament itself. The younger generation is more interested in seeing the look of games or video animation with modern and interesting content. So it raises the idea to find solutions to develop and preserve Balinese ornaments in a way that is more
appealing to the younger generation. Theory used adalan ornament, and Animation, which is about the benefits of 2-dimensional animation and characterizations. In order to facilitate the application of the two-dimensional pinned animation, the pinched patra should be simplified by following the original form of the elements contained in the Punggel's own patra. Then the simplification is applied to the main characters in the animation, so that the character of Balinese ornaments can be seen applying in an animation.


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