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Determining the selling price in a product or service is very important in a company because it is the basis in determining the level of expected profit. Design is one example of service products. Determining the selling price of a service is certainly not as easy as determining the selling price of an item. This difficulty is related to how to appreciate a work of creativity? Which in turn is also related to how to keep customers in order to establish long term relationship. What argument can a designer give in determining the price of a design? From some freelance designers experience, in pricing there is a price per package, there are based on the number of pages, there are determines the flat-price, there is also a determining based on the rate per-hour or per-day. How to determine the selling price of the design is not an absolute thing. One thing is certain, this formula also will not guarantee the acquisition of a design project. It should be distinguished between determining the design price by getting a design project. The deal of a design work depends on many other factors such as relationships, client type, budget, design quality, etc.


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