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Keywords: Animation Video, Patriotism, Lego Stop Motion, Kusamba War, Dewi Kania


There are three important things revealed in this research: (1) The output of this research is a stop motion-based animation video with High Definition (HD) visualization quality; (2) The motivation for the design is to create educational media about patriotism for children aged 4-6 years; (3) The creative strategy seeks to reduce scenes of violence because the audience segmentation is children 4-6 years old. That's why LEGO characters are used with all their potential; (4) The LEGO characters used in the video are modified by adding clothes and accessories according to the character's profile. The method of reasoning and article writing in this study used descriptive qualitative methods. Data was collected by means of literature study, exploration and interviews with key informants. Experiments were carried out on the work by designing lego with Balinese characters and clothing and creating place settings at the scene, namely Goa Lawah and Puri Klungkung. The animation uses a stop motion technique. The process of making animated films is carried out in three stages, namely pre-production, production and post-production. The test was conducted on material experts and media experts as well as parents who educate children aged 4-6 years. The results of testing on material experts represent a score of 96.6%, and media experts represent a score of 82.8% with the conclusion that the film is interesting, educative and in accordance with the material raised with a clear target. A score of 87.5% as a representation of parents' respondents stated that the film was very entertaining and educational and worthy as an educational film for patriotism for children


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