• Brian Alvin Hananto Universitas Pelita Harapan
Keywords: Design Methodology, Design Education, Design Methods, Visual Communication Design


As nowadays discourse about design education has escalated, the author proposes the teaching of design methodology as a fundamental skill that a student or designer can have. But not just any teaching of design methodology, the author pushes further by training the students to be critical of design methodology itself. The author believes that by being critical, students can see design methodology as something comprehensible and applicable to their design studies. This paper will showcase three student assignments on criticizing design methodology. The paper will outline the assignment, and discuss how the students perform, and then evaluate how the students are being critical towards design methodology. By the end of the paper, the author hopes to demonstrate how the author teaches the students on learning to be critical towards design methodology.

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Hananto, B. (2020). CRITICAL OF DESIGN METHODOLOGY AS DESIGN EDUCATION. Proceeding International Conference on Information Technology, Multimedia, Architecture, Design, and E-Business, 1, 234-239. Retrieved from
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