Keywords: Jaipong, Visual Identity, Branding, Packaging Design, Graphic Design


This paper will explain the design process of Jaipong's visual identity from the beginning to the result. This includes packaging design and also marketing strategies through digital media. Jaipong itself is a ready-made spice product for rice inspired by Japanese-style seasoning, Furikake. From its name and the ingredients used, Jaipong wants to show itself as an Indonesian authentic product to the public. Therefore, the design process began with in-depth and comprehensive brand research, selecting visual keywords, creating mood boards, and creating visual alternatives so that the objectives can be achieved properly. This shows that branding strategies and visual identity design have a very important role for brands to communicate with the mass. Therefore, this paper hopes to serve as a reference for the identity design creative process.

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Kotandi, J., & Hananto, B. (2020). JAIPONG VISUAL IDENTITY DESIGN CREATIVE PROCESS. Proceeding International Conference on Information Technology, Multimedia, Architecture, Design, and E-Business, 1, 259-265. Retrieved from https://eprosiding.idbbali.ac.id/index.php/imade/article/view/382
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