• Agum Aditya Student
  • I Gusti Made Ngurah Desnanjaya Department of Computer System Engineering, INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY INDONESIA
  • I Kadek Dwi Gandika


kulkul, keypad, raspberry pi, automated kulkul


Kulkul is one of the traditional means of communication for balinese people which is still used in special administrative area called banjar. In banjar there is peoples that responsible to take care of the affairs of banjar activities and inform the local community, those people are called kelian. To inform the local community, kelian will ring the kulkul to inform the community that an event has been or currently occurring. Such an event could be the death of one of the family on the community, call for deliberation, or there have been a disaster in the area. Although kulkul is still widely used in banjar, there is a few obstacle in order to be able to ring the kulkul.To ring the kukul, kelian must be presence in banjar and must climb the kulkul hall building to ring the kulkul. Because balinese people considered kulkul to be very sacred, only kelian banjar is allow to ring the kulkul. This could be a problem if kelian is currently outside of area banjar and there is a critical information such event of a disasater that need to be address to local community. Seeing the potential for disasters and the important of the kulkul in balinese society. We need to create a system that capable of controlling the kulkul remotely from the internet so that kelian banjar can ring the kulkul anywhere and also able to control kulkul using keypad so that kelian banjar doesn’t need to climb the kulkul hall in order to ring the kulkul. In this study. the control system can be controlled using a keypad or from internet that can peform with 3 types beat that are beat of deliberation, beat of death and beat of bulus.


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