• Tita Cardiah Universitas Telkom
  • Hendi Anwar Telkom University
  • Andreas Dwiputro Handoyo Telkom University
  • Tsabita Nuraini Utami Telkom University
  • Devi Nurhakimah Telkom University
  • Faiz Fadhul Wafi Telkom University
Keywords: mosque, gate, public sign system


Al-Barqah Mosque is a mosque located at the North Sekeloa settlement RT 01 RW 05 Sekeloa in Bandung as a newly built mosque in 2013 with non-governmental costs and donations from Kimia Farma.

The current condition of the Al-Barqah Mosque continues to improve its facilities both interior and exterior. Externally, what is needed now is information for the public visually, easily visible and clear information about the location of the mosque. Currently the public is still having trouble finding the mosque's position because the mosque's position is somewhat backward from the side of the road around 3-5 meters and is covered by the height of the building next to the mosque.

With the design of the mosque's gate, it is hoped that it can provide clear information to the public when looking for the position or whereabouts of the Al-Barqah mosque.

Public sign system is a form of information that is physically and visually easily visible and very clear. In addition to being a public gate system, the gate is also the identity of the mosque which shows that the existence of the mosque and as a territory in the location of the mosque and its surroundings.

the results of an interview with the Chairman of the DKM Al-Barqah North Sekeloa Mosque, Bpk. Asep Sudrajat stated that the Al-Barqah Mosque needed assistance in the design of the gate as a public sign system so that the existence and existence of the mosque was easily visible and clear.

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