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Advertising is related to other sectors in the creative economy


The limitations of natural resources and other resources trigger and spur the State to look for alternative solutions, one of which is through the creative economy, the purpose of this study is to obtain advertising sector activities and linkages with other sectors in the creative economy and the direction of further development in the future, and since launched by the Government through the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 2008, continued to be managed by the Creative Economy Agency and now by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy which consists of 17 activity sectors, one of which is the Advertising sector. In the creative economy, it is stated that advertising is the process of making and distributing talent, of course, this activity is closely related to all sectors in the creative economy, meaning that what will be produced by various sectors is always related to advertising. The approach in this research study is a conceptual and theoretical library research approach, d. The concepts and theories used in addition to marketing, communication, creative economy also use Triple Hankins. The issue raised is, How does advertising relate to other sectors in the creative economy? The approach used is a library study with qualitative analysis tools with the AIDA approach (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and ABG analysis (Academics, Businessmen, Government). The results show that the advertising sector starts from creative ideas, creative production and creative distribution and has a positive and significant relationship with all sectors in the creative economy. Good and correct advertising should use AIDA and ABG. The meaning of advertising activities is to introduce, seduce, remind and increase sales.


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