• Wayan Gede Budayana


Art, aesthetic, market, souvenir


Bali has a long history as an island populated by people who have a communal lifestyle. The way of life Balinese people becomes a distinct phenomenon from dynamics of culture and social araund the wordl. From the beginning, Balinise community was know as an agrarian society that also had artistic intuition. The Balinese people make artistick avtivities as an expression of piety, gratitude and entertainment. These are the things that made Bali well know to the word, amagnet for travelers, artists, culturists and other to come to Bali.

Then Bali became a favorite tourist government and ist people as an economic opportunity, spot, and is realized by the Contruction and infrastructure was renewed to support tourism industry thus enhancing the appeal of Bali. But all those changes come bearing problems; social, enveroment and economy related. To name a few are culture degradation, change in lifestyle and the alteration of wellestablished structure of original local Balinese art and culture, since they were turned into business. In the beginning, tourism spot in Bali marked the commencement of art and culture, commoditized. There were art galleries, kiosks selling various souvenir products for tourism needs. One of the very popular places as shopping destination is Sukawati art market. The art market that propides a variety of products such as paintings, sculptures and also tekxtiles complete with jewelry trinkets.

Sukawati art market is one of the cultural phenomena that accurered in Bali. Aesthetic imagery that is fully explored to produce souvenir products for the fulfillment of tourism needs, with little attention to the technique or the media. Like a standardization for quality artwork. This souvenir industry reinforces the image of Bali as a rapidly growing and popular tourist destination. But this rapid depelovment is not well managed, due to the lack of understanding between society and the goverment about the essence of art itself. How art and culture should be properly managed as art and art only, not as commodity. What happens now is that there is some sort of confusion about the management of art as culture assets and artifacts and art as profane business products.

Gives of the vibe as if art in Bai nowadays has no intellectual value as part of their original culture, just a commodity to explore and sell. Thus why the understanding between the government and the people concerning art needs to be balance.


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