• Gst. Ayu Vida Mastrika Giri Udayana University
Keywords: monitoring instrument, system analysis, system design, thesis guidance, web-based application.


Thesis is one of the requirements needed for students to complete their undergraduate studies and get their bachelor’s degree. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, students and supervisors have to try to be creative and innovative to do the thesis guidance process with minimum or even without face-to-face meeting. There are various ways that have been done by students and supervisors to overcome the problem of thesis guidance, such as using emails, online chatting platforms, doing online meetings, or sharing documents in cloud storage. In some cases, the thesis guidance process cannot be done properly because there are no clear progress records of guidance activities. The supervisors don’t have the guidance records and have difficulty contacting students who have to complete their thesis. The students who currently have no obligation to come to campus might not get a good guidance. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, students and supervisors relied on the guidance form that filled by students and signed by supervisors every thesis guidance activity. Today, the guidance form that is usually used as an activity record for both students and supervisors is barely used because the online guidance activities. A thesis guidance instrument that can be accessed online by students and supervisors can overcome the problem of recording student thesis progress. This paper will describe the requirement gathering phase and system design phase of the thesis guidance instrument that will be implemented as a web-based application in Informatics Study Program, Udayana University.


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