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Internet users usually use search engines to look up something they want. Usually most of the internet users are more interested in the sites on the first page of google or ranked 10 to 20 on the google page, and only a few see the sites on the next page. Therefore, most site or website owners try to get their website to be in the first page or top 10 to 20 results on the google search engine with defined keywords, namely by using SEO techniques; and apply SEO On Page and SEO Off Page methods. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a series of techniques carried out so that websites can be easily found by information seekers through search engines. Trijaya Mandiri welding shop is a firm that offers services in the construction of household needs such as swivel stairs, canopies, trellises and fences made of mild steel or iron. Therefore, by maximizing SEO techniques, it is hoped that the Trijaya Mandiri welding shop website that will be built can occupy the top 10 searches to increase sales results.


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