• Ding Hooi Ting Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Sohel Ahmed Al Akhawayn University
Keywords: Designer labels, consumer


Designer labels and consumer in-vogue behavior used to be the words one might need to look up in a dictionary during those baby boomer days. In the millennial era, designer labels and consumer in-vogue behavior are completely well known and easily definable (Pham, 2013). We conceptualize designer labels consumers’ in-vogue behavior as consumers’ inclination to adopt faddish trends in their lifestyle (Rashid & Barnes, 2018). Consumers involved in vogue behavior are super conscious of their outfit and accessories, they emphasize their appearance such as how they look and how others will recognize them. It is incrementally important for consumers in vogue behavior to be updated with designers’ label products as they believe society pays respect to the designer label outfit and accessories (Hess & Phillips, 2018). The purpose of this study is to investigate a model that could capture consumer in-vogue behavior, especially for designer-label outfits and accessories. To provide a comprehensive understanding, the overarching model includes the influence of fashion mavens, perceived image of the designer label, perceived quality of the designer label, and price consciousness. The final result provides a model that shows the fashion-maven and perceived image of the designer label influence on consumer in-vogue behavior. On the other hand, there is no significant relationship between perceived quality and price consciousness on consumer in- vogue behavior. As per the researcher’s knowledge, this is the first investigation that provides a model of consumer in-vogue behavior.

This project is funded by the Murata Science Foundation, Japan


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