A Sollution of Affordable Housing Procurement with Ecological Modular Construction

  • Ni Luh Gede Niti Swari STD BALI
  • Ni Nyoman Sri Rahayu
Keywords: affordable housing, ecological construction, wood lamination




The rapid development of population growth in Bali especially in Denpasar City give impact to the increasing needs of housing and environment quality of Denpasar City. The limitations and high prices of the land causes the growth of slums that aggravate the appearance and the quality of urban environment. The government has sought several solutions, one of which is an affordable house procurement program, but hampered by the expensive price of land and building materials, as well as the procurement process that has an adverse impact on the environment. Therefore, a strategy is needed to reshape slum settlements with affordable housing development. This can be done by applying ecological construction concept that is environmentally friendly, by using local and recycled materials, minimize the use of concrete, and minimizing energy use. One of the materials that can be used in ecological construction is wood, but now wood has started rarely in the market with a relatively expensive price. The solution is lamination technology that can utilize the remnants of wood or waste wood and convert it into wood for building construction. In addition to reducing logging in Indonesia's tropical forests and the amount of wood waste, the price is also affordable. The ecological construction concept is expected to create a decent, affordable and environmentally friendly residential.

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Swari, N. L. G., & Rahayu, N. N. (2020). WOOD LAMINATION TECHNOLOGY. Proceeding International Conference on Multimedia, Architecture, and Design, 1, 149-165. Retrieved from https://eprosiding.idbbali.ac.id/index.php/imade/article/view/422
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