• Ni Wayan Nandaryani
  • I Wayan Agus Palguna Brahmanta Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali
Keywords: dulang bali, Aesthetics, Function, Ornamentation


Dulang is a circular tray that has legs and is usually made of wood. In Bali dulang is usually used as a means of ceremonywhich is a place to compile offerings in the form of fruits called gebogan. Ceremonies and offerings of Hindus in Bali are always associated with art and culture so they have high artistic value.  Dulang Bali has a beauty that lies in the carved ornaments used and the gold-colored or prada paint that is his trademark. The material in this research is dulang ukir Bali. This study uses qualitative methods with observation and library data collection techniques. Theories used are aesthetic theory and functional theory. The purpose of this research is to find out the elements that form the beauty or aesthetics of the dulang Bali and the magnification of the function of the dulang Bali. The results showed that the aesthetic form of Balinese carving lies in its ornamental art. The ornaments that are used in general are in the form of keketusan, kekarangan and pepatran. The function of the dulang Bali has changed in the past dulang only used as a means of ceremony but now has experienced a shift in function into a place to serve food.


Keyword : Dulang Bali, Aesthetics, Function, Ornamentation

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