• Anak Agung Ngurah Bagus Kesuma Yudha Lecture
Keywords: Social Media, Discourse, Resistance, Society, Bali


Social media is a media that carried out digitally by the public. The dominant social media device nowadays is a smartphone that makes it easy for people to reach each other even if they don't meet in the same place and time. The place and time used are all available online and through social media products like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line and others. Using internet data packages from each provider which has a much lower price than conventional communication media such as telephone and sms. The tagline “communication is in your hand” is already evident today. The using of social media has also entered into various generations with significant age differences. Ranging from children to old people. Social media can penetrate several communication phenomena that are blocked in the real world. One of them is the Covid19 pandemic or commonly known as the Corona Virus. The characteristic of governments around the world in responding to the emphasis on the spreading of Covid19 is to conduct physical distancing or restrictions on physical meetings between peoples. Some countries even have a lockdown. Opportunities to meet in real place are limited. One of the communication media that can be used to update the latest information is with social media. The various statuses in the form of memes, writing and audio-visual media represent the characteristics of the social media user communities. Balinese people are no exception. Government decisions addressing the Pandemic of Covid19 to peoples who underestimated the spreading of the virus at the beginning of the outbreak made various resistance reactions emerge from various social media statuses. The discourse of resistance is actually new for Balinese who tend to stay away from problems in the real world or Koh Ngomong. Since the use of massive social media, the character of Balinese people looks different in cyberplace. All become more courageous to speak up until said about the resistance by themself. Using qualitative methods and analysis based on Hegemony theory and Discourse as Knowledge and Power which will lead to Theory of Practice, the writer will uncover the meaning of Balinese resistance through status writing on social media during the Pandemic Covid19.

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Bagus Kesuma Yudha, A. A. N. (2020). THE DISCOURSE OF RESISTANCE OF BALINESE PEOPLES THROUGH STATUS WRITING IN SOCIAL MEDIA AT THE MOMENT OF PANDEMIC COVID19. Proceeding International Conference on Multimedia, Architecture, and Design, 1, 354-361. Retrieved from
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