Vulnerability Transformation into Living Quality Improvement


  • Muhammad Fajri Arief Mahmuda
  • Rana Nafisa Nurdina Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Ditrisa Taranadia


livelihood vulnerability, community development, fishermen


How could reclamation affect the existing fisherman's life? A study found out that the Jakarta reclamation project's environmental changes have affected the socio-economic aspects of the settlements in the coastal area; one of them is the fishing village of Kamal Muara. The marine ecosystem's disruption has led to significantly reduced catches as the source of the fishermen's income, resulting in high economic vulnerability among the locals. To tackle the issue, the Sustainable Livelihood Framework is utilized to assess the existing condition data gathered from questionnaires and interviews, with qualitative and quantitative approaches. This research aims to identify the possibilities of community improvement strategies to overcome further social and economic challenges. The result of the analysis showed that there are alternative livelihood options that can be implemented for fishers, such as ecotourism development and aquaculture. At last, the collaboration with multi-sector stakeholders using participatory planning is needed to raise their awareness about their local issues and potential assets and provide better support to improve their living quality.





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Mahmuda, M. F. A., Nurdina, R. N., & Taranadia, D. (2020). KAMAL MUARA: Vulnerability Transformation into Living Quality Improvement. Proceeding International Conference on Information Technology, Multimedia, Architecture, Design, and E-Business, 1, 71–77. Retrieved from https://eprosiding.idbbali.ac.id/index.php/imade/article/view/386